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Plunge by Andrew Glatt

Plunge by Andrew Glatt

Andrew Glatt (@andrew_glatt) is a lifestyle photographer based in Chicago specializing in movement and wellness content creation. His global client roster includes, Arc'teryx, lululemon, Wilson, Under Armour and Ten Thousand CC. Beyond his commercial work, Andrew inspires movement in community as the co-founder of Friday Morning Swim Club - a 50,000 strong movement that brings people together to get off their phones and into the waters of Lake Michigan - floaty optional. 

"When we founded [Friday Morning] Swim Club, I had just started to shoot with an underwater housing. The image on the front is a friend of mine jumping into Lake Michigan. The image on the back is one of the first swims that we shot."

Andrew Glatt

Memento sat down with Andrew Glatt ahead of Plunge to learn more about his journey as a photographer and the story behind the selected images. In true Andrew fashion, he was coming from the breakwall, shooting images for the release, on a freezing February day. We're still wondering where the images are of him jumping in with the gallery tee on.

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