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Introducing a new medium of photography –

with social purpose.


We are Memento—a photography collective and mental health brand redefining the ways that photography and apparel intersect, and creating a radical new outlet for offline self-expression and personal style in the process. Memento is about getting out, capturing more, and sharing it all with something real.


We all spend way too much time scrolling, don’t we?

On average, 2.5+ hours each day staring at images and videos. But still, somehow, less than 2 seconds each. As attention becomes the hottest commodity, our appreciation and gratitude for art and content diminishes. Tech and social media addiction rank among the largest concerns for our youngest generations—behind climate change and often ahead of debt. 

It’s time for a fresh take on getting better.

Memento balances online and offline self-expression through elevated creator apparel, mental health advocacy, and charitable giving. We exist to create a world where self-expression is always just as celebrated offline as it is online. 

First—We’re rewriting the playbook for on-demand apparel creating limited edition, sewn-to-order fashion that promotes real-life connections and better balance between online and offline interactions. It’s a new, living medium that more fully celebrates the vibrance of an original photograph.

Second—We and our partner photographers promote a healthier balance of online and offline realities through engagement. Our brand community, future interviews and blog, and storytelling will create a more open dialogue about mental health and humane tech.

Third—We donate 3% of our revenue or 10% of our profits (whichever is greater) to grassroots charities and social causes that help to alleviate tech and social media addiction. Our first partnership announcement is coming soon.

To more deeply understand our ethos, read the full manifesto.


Memento exists to create a world where self-expression is always just as celebrated offline as it is online.


The opposite of fast fashion. 

Over 2 years of product development, we've designed our apparel and manufacturing process from the ground up specifically to celebrate the photos we love.

We sustainably craft every piece made-to-order with premium materials—just like custom printed and framed photography. No blanks. No screen printing. We use silver gelatin particles and dye, injected through a museum grade direct-to-fabric printer. Shirts are sewn in the US at living wages. 

Our process is about slowing down, shopping with intent, reducing waste, and creating limited edition apparel that mirrors the intention and quality of the photographs it conveys. Each piece is printed with a custom gallery placard with the artist’s information and an authentication QR code.

Shirts are shipped like art should be—rolled in classic tubes and delivered in triangular shipping boxes. Each can be repurposed into a working pinhole camera, so you can rediscover the art of photography with an eye towards its analog beginnings. 

Learn more about our pinhole camera and Ilford developer bundle here.


Art Not Content. Fashion Not Merch. Offline Not Online.


Memento is launched by an invite-only collective that shares our common social mission and core values.

We’re humbled to be working with leading artists, representing 23+ countries across the globe. Many became photographers for the same reason our platform exists—to inspire people to get out and seek beauty in the world around us.

If you're interested in joining Memento or would like to recommend an artist - drop us an email at to request your invite.


It's about getting out, capturing more, and sharing it all with something real.