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Everyone wants to be known as someone special. Seen for who they truly are, or celebrated for what they are able to create.

But what are the makings of a person? It’s your experiences and the unique ways you see the world that matter most.

Capturing the artistic beauty on a street corner. The ice-cold dip at a hidden beach. Summiting a lookout after an hours-long hike.

Really it’s the places you’ve captured, what’s been left with your soul, and the ways it’s all changed you that makes you, you.

We’re defined by these memories and moments. It’s what we all live for. The stories we tell. What we long to share with others.

And from MySpace to Tumblr, Tumblr to Facebook, Facebook to Instagram, Instagram to TikTok—the format may have evolved, but the formula has always been simple:

Create images. Tell your story.

But we think it’s time for a fresh take.

We refuse to let the essence of these moments slip through our fingertips—let alone get lost in an ever-churning digital ether.

We believe that everyone deserves a new means to express themselves. That the everyday online ephemera just isn’t cutting it anymore.

We believe in taking a broader look at the world around you, and how you move through it. In seeing the forest and the trees. In widening your aperture, and capturing and sharing a moment in a way that only you can.

And we believe that when it’s all said and done, you’ll be prouder of images created when they can be held.

And, better yet, worn.

Memento is about getting out, capturing more, and sharing it all with something real.