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Palm Springs VIII

Emily Abay

Emily Abay's work embodies femininity with her defining style of sensuality. As a lifelong fashion photographer based out of Sydney Australia, Emily's work has been featured in Vogue, Harper's BAZAAR, and numerous global advertising campaigns. She focuses her vision on sexuality in a unique way that is beautiful to women and sends a positive message about self image.

Learning her craft in the analogue age of darkrooms [Emily's Mother is also a photographer] — Emily has a sublime understanding of the nature of light. Her talent for capturing sun lit curves epitomizes the sensuality of women & sun drenched destinations.

Emily Abay

Memento say down with fashion photographer, Emily Abay ahead of #EA-DROP01. Amid her new restaurant opening in Sydney and between photoshoots, Emily shared information about her background in photography and also thoughts on the balance between online and offline mediums.