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David Popa Memento Impermanence Hero Image

David Popa

David Popa is an artist born and raised in New York City currently based in Finland. His interest in the arts spawned from a tight mentorship with his Father Albert Popa, one of the first graffiti writers in New York City. His current body of work uses all natural pigments mixed only with the source water to create site-specific, ephemeral earth-works captured through the eye of a drone. The large-scale work Popa paints, mostly on islands/islets in the nordic region, are documented and portrayed through award winning photography and short films.

"Witnessing my work erode, crack, and disappear before my eyes causes me to think deeper on the impermanence of our everyday lives. Every moment is truly miraculous. Being out in these beautiful, ethereal landscapes heightens my sense of what a mysterious world we live in."

David Popa | The Interview

Coming off the ice, David took a moment to share more about his background as an earth artist and aerial photographer ahead of the Impermanence release. We covered David's underlying motivations as an artist all the way to the process behind creating gallery apparel from Scandinavian sea kelp sourced from the same waters he creates his works. All to create a new offline medium of his art & photography.